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How do you choose the perfect bottle cooler for your business?

Commercial refrigeration is important for any food business, whether it’s part of your kitchen or at your bar. Commercial bottle coolers are designed to be placed behind your bar or counter, used to chill and hold drinks at the right temperature as well as to display what you have on offer.

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the right bottle fridge for your business, so read on to learn what you should be thinking about.

Why do I need a bottle cooler?

Bottle coolers, or as they’re sometimes called bar fridges or beer fridges, are ideal for displaying your chilled beers, ciders and over beverages. They are designed to fit neatly behind the bar, with a choice of sizes and hinged or sliding doors to allow you to quickly access the contents.

Commercial refrigeration systems are much more durable than their domestic counterparts, meaning temperature will be maintained even when the door is continuously being opened and closed, designed to cope with the demands of a busy pub, club or bar.

Where should I put my bottle fridge?

Bottle coolers are designed for positioning at your front of house in average ambient temperatures, displaying your merchandise to customers. They are not meant for use in commercial kitchens as the ambient temperature in these is a lot higher, meaning performance will be affected and the lifespan of the unit reduced.

What you should consider when buying or renting a bottle cooler

Size of the bottle cooler

Maybe the most important factor is the size and capacity of the cooler. You need to measure the space you have available, and think about the number of customers you normally get. If you receive a large number of orders you’re going to need a larger fridge to accommodate more stock, so you have enough drinks ready to serve.

When measuring the space for the cooler, leave around 5cm gap around the unit to allow for air circulation.

Choose from 1 door bottle coolers, 2 door bottle coolers, and 3 door bottle coolers depending on the capacity you need. Try and pick a higher capacity than you are likely to use as it’s better to have stock left, than to sell out and have disappointed guests!

Bottle cooler appearance

As your bar bottle cooler will be on display, you will probably want to consider its appearance. Customers will be more likely to spend their money if the merchandise is displayed attractively.

Most bar bottle fridges have adjustable shelves, so you can tailor the layout to fit the size of the bottles you stock. Double and triple door bottle coolers usually have split shelving, so each section can have a different set up.

We have both black and stainless steel bottle coolers available so you can have a choice of finish to suit your decor.

Type of doors

There are sliding or hinged doors available, so you will need to think about what will work best for your bar. A hinged door will take up more space, but also will be less likely to be left open. Sliding doors are good for saving space but may be accidentally left open by your staff.

How should I stock my bar fridge?

Always follow the capacity information and don’t overstock the bottle cooler as it needs breathing space. Chilled air needs to circulate around the cabinet, and overfilling it will restrict the air flow. Ideally, the bottles placed in the cooler should already be slightly chilled from a cellar or other cold storage, so the perfect temperature can be achieved more quickly.

What temperature should my pub fridge be?

Every drink will have a different ideal serving temperature and so your bottle cooler must be able to create conditions that can complement every beverage. Your unit should be around 4°C-5°C, offering a balance between recommended chilled temperature and energy-efficient running.

If you’re looking to also stock ingredients for cocktails, teas and coffees such as milk and fruit juices, then a bar fridge may not be suitable and you should aim to find a fridge that can operate at colder temperatures.

Ready to purchase or rent a bottle cooler?

Our range of commercial bottle coolers will ensure that your business can cope with customer demand, with a range of sizes and capacities to choose from. Contact us for more information, or view our range of bar fridges below.

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