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How do you choose the best glasswasher for your business?

Whether you’re a bar, pub, restaurant or hotel, it’s essential for any commercial kitchen site to have a constant supply of clean glasses. You need to be able to serve drinks quickly and efficiently while presenting the right image to customers. 

We hope to let you know the key factors and criteria to consider so you won’t be disappointed.

Why should I buy or hire a glasswasher?

A glasswasher is a necessary piece of equipment for any business serving drinks. If you’re using large amounts of glasses or cups on a daily basis, you need to uphold a high level of cleanliness and hygiene for your customers.

Commercial glasswashers are usually compact and placed undercounter, so can be positioned at your bar without taking up a lot of space. They are designed to finish their cycles quickly and maintain high performance.

How to choose the best commercial glasswasher for your business

Glasswasher size

The first step should be measuring the space you have available, including the height of your countertop, so you know the dimensions you have to work with. Glasswashers are designed with a front loading door, so take this into account and make sure there will not be any obstructions during loading and unloading.

Glasswasher capacity

Models can vary on basket size and glass capacity, so consider the needs of your site. We offer tank capacities from 16 litres to 24 litres, so the needs of both small and large sites can be met.

Glasswasher positioning

If you’re looking to replace an old model, you should already have all the necessary utilities available in the desired location. If you’re a new site or purchasing an additional unit you will need to make sure you have access to a mains water supply, drainage and a power outlet.

What is the difference between a glasswasher and dishwasher?

You might wonder why you can’t use a commercial dishwasher to clean your glassware. Although they perform the same basic functions, their construction and how they perform is very different.

  • Dishwashers operate at higher temperatures which could potentially damage your glassware. Glasswashers have the perfect balance of temperature, water flow and pressure to get a thorough clean.
  • The cleaning cycle of glasswashers is usually shorter, which can be critical during busy periods for your business.
  • A weaker detergent is used in glasswashers as there is no tough grease to cut through compared to plates, pots and pans. This ensures no streak marks are left, and a rinse aid will help you achieve a sparkling finish.
  • Glasswashers are designed to fit glasses and so are more flexible than dishwasher

Our tips on how to use an industrial glasswasher

It’s important to know how to use a glasswasher properly so your glasses come out sparkling clean every time, and so the equipment isn’t damaged.

  • Wipe off any lipstick stains from your glasses before loading
  • Keep the wash temperature around 55 degrees celsius and the rinse temperature around 65 degrees celsius. This will stop your glassware getting damaged.
  • Use the manufacturer recommended detergent
  • Get regular maintenance completed on your glasswasher to keep it performing at maximum efficiency
  • Don’t interrupt the glasswasher whilst it is in a wash cycle
  • Leave the door open overnight to avoid bacteria growth

Ready to purchase or rent?

Our range of commercial bar glasswashers will ensure that your business can cope with customer demand, with a range of sizes and capacities to choose from. Contact us for more information, or view our range of glasswashers below.

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