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Your glasswasher is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment in your kitchen, whether you work in a pub, bar, restaurant of cafe. They are used to clean and sanitise your glasses and other glassware. It’s important you look after it correctly, to ensure your glasses come out sparkling clean and free from any bacteria. Read on to learn our tips for how to clean a glasswasher.

What is a commercial glasswasher?

A commercial glasswasher is used to clean glassware by using high temperatures and pressurised water combined with a detergent solution.

How often should I clean my glasswasher?

Depending on how much your glasswasher is used, you should be cleaning it daily, weekly or fortnightly. You should be using glass washer cleaner on the inside to remove any built up detergent and water, that could lead to bacteria growth. 

How do I clean my glass washer?

Firstly, make sure the glasswasher is empty of all glassware, water and detergent. Use a small brush and detergent to clean out the dirt, and use hot water to rinse the machine. Do this about once a week to clear the build up of dirt and grime.

You should also be wiping down the inside with sanitiser and a dry cloth, to remove damp and condensation. After this, leave the door of the glasswasher open overnight to prevent bacteria from growing and spreading.

What products should I use to clean my glasswasher?

You can use detergents, sanitisers and descalers. Detergent ensures you have a clean glasswasher, and are designed to remove dirt and grease. Sanitisers are used to kill bacteria and other microorganisms that could make you ill. Descalers are used to remove limescale that can build up in the glasswasher and on glassware over time.

Always use good quality chemicals that will effectively prevent bacteria growth. Some cheaper chemicals will only mask the problem, and are also more likely to damage pipework. 

Tips to maintain your commercial glasswasher

  • Regularly clean your machine and use the right products
  • Remove all debris from glassware before putting them in the machine
  • Use hot water and a degreasing agent to clean the inside
  • Regularly use descaler to remove mineral build up
  • Use the correct rinse aid for your detergent to help reduce drying time and prevent streaks
  • Book regular maintenance on your glasswasher to maximise its performance and prolong its life. This can also help avoid costly breakdowns.

If you’re looking to purchase a glasswasher, book maintenance or a repair, we can help! Contact us today for more information.


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