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Whether you’re running a restaurant, hotel kitchen or corporate canteen you need it to be well laid out and correctly equipped so it can operate smoothly. 

If you’re starting out, finding the funds to get your kitchen to the level it needs to be can be difficult. The quality of your food is only as good as the equipment it’s prepared on, so it can be worth it to invest in good quality equipment. 

One option to save you money is to rent or lease catering equipment, so you’re able to get the high quality pieces you need without leaving your finances vulnerable. 

What is a commercial catering equipment lease?

Leasing or renting kitchen equipment is when you pay a fixed weekly or monthly amount to have use of the equipment in your kitchen. Terms can vary depending on where you’re renting the equipment from. 

We offer both short and long term rental agreements, with additional service contracts to cover the costs of potential repairs. 

What types of catering equipment can be leased?

Most of the kitchen equipment we stock is available on a rental or lease agreement, offering competitive rates. Most commonly, companies choose to lease large equipment such as warewashers, ice machines and refrigeration equipment. These all can be very expensive to buy outright, so many choose to lower the cost. 

Why should I consider leasing my equipment?

Affordable top of the range equipment 

If you choose to lease your equipment, you don’t need to worry about paying out a large amount of money at once, so you can opt for higher quality machines. Your money will go much further if you choose to rent. 

More flexibility

Businesses are running in uncertain times right now, so many don’t want to leave themselves in a vulnerable position. It’s a good idea to keep money in reserve, and renting equipment provides flexibility in case the worst happens. Alternatively if demand increases, you have the option to swap out and upgrade your equipment easily. 

Easy replacement

Equipment that’s going to be heavily used every day, such as dishwashers and glasswashers, will be under a constant workload and are more likely to need maintenance and repairs. While these are designed for heavy use, the lifespan is always going to be limited and with a lease agreement you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong, your equipment can be replaced. 

What you should be aware of

If you choose to rent your kitchen equipment, there are some things you should check:

  • How old the equipment is and will the lease company repair or replace it
  • How long the rental agreement is and the terms of it
  • Is it a set fee or will the rate change

Here at Gardiff, we offer a range of finance options so you’re able to get the equipment you need, within your budget. Contact us to find out more about or rental or lease agreements. 

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