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Our range of commercial ice machines from Brema are the best in the catering industry, so you can be confident they are of the highest quality. The build quality of the commercial ice maker is as good as it gets, providing fantastic value for money. They’re an essential piece of catering equipment for anywhere that serves up cold drinks.

The bar ice machines are designed to provide a reliable source of ice in your ideal shape and size, with a professional ice machine saving you time and money and adding value to your products. To create hygienic and clear ice, ice machines normally use jet or spray systems to push water into moulds where it will freeze. It’s then harvested into a bin ready to be used.┬áThe ice cubes produced will be crystal clear, perfect for cocktails and other iced beverages.

Choosing an industrial ice machine means it will be able to cope with high demand and daily usage. You can pick from an integrated unit with a built in storage bin, or a modular machine with a separate ice bin.

If you don’t want to pay for your ice machine up front, we offer a range of finance options to rent or lease your equipment. Once you’ve made your purchase, our team of engineers will install it into your bar. We’re on hand 365 days a year for any maintenance or repairs.

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