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In all sectors of catering and hospitality, sparklingly clean and spotless crockery is essential, so commercial hood dishwashers, or passthrough dishwashers, are often among the most important appliances in a professional kitchen or bar.

Choosing the perfect commercial dishwasher design and style to meet your individual requirements is vital, whatever the space you have to fill or the drainage requirements you need. Some commercial dishwasher models will provide the option of a drain pump for when the unit’s waste outlet is higher than the buildings drainage system.

At Gardiff Catering Equipment, Our range of powerful professional dishwashers will leave your plates and utensils sparkling and ready for service, saving you effort and time. Whether you operate a small cafe, or a mass catering site, we’ll have an industrial dishwasher suitable for your needs.

Our catering dishwashers feature variable wash cycles, double wall insulation and a high capacity of dishes cleaned per hour.

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