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It’s essential for any commercial kitchen site such as hotels, bars or restaurants to have a constant supply of clean glassware. It’s crucial you are able to serve drinks quickly and efficiently while presenting the right image to customers.

Our range of commercial bar glasswashers will ensure that your business can cope with customer demand. With have a range of sizes and capacities to choose from, we can find one that fits your business.

Glasswashers will clean at a lower temperature than dishwashers due to the delicacy of glassware. Our commercial glasswasher range is designed to care for breakables while still giving an effective clean.

Our premium range of warewashing, Aguamek, provides high quality commercial glasswashing solutions at an economical pricepoint.  Aguamek glass washers are perfect for hospitality environments such as pubs, cafes and restaurants, who require a professional, reliable solution. The range  can withstand heavy, every day usage whilst providing first class cleaning results.

The commercial glasswashers feature variable wash cycles and double wall insulation with temperatures that guarantee effective sanitation. The machines are made of 304 grade stainless steel and have user-friendly push button LED displays.

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