Iberital Lanna Intenz 2 GRP


The Iberital Intenz combines style with strength, resulting in a coffee machine built to last. Able to withstand intensive use, the Intenz will meet the highest performance standards and will satisfy the most demanding tastes.


Iberital Intenz is a machine made to satisfy the most demanding tastes. Built to withstand intensive use, Iberital Intenz is as robust and precise as it is sophisticated and versatile to meet the highest performance standards.

Every one of the Iberital Intenz’s curves exudes style and attention to detail. From its metallic finish, round and smooth to the touch, to its sensitive, ergonomic buttons, and its stylized, lightweight profile. The cohesion between its components gives the a single, uniform structure.


  • Volumetric Control
  • Pre-infusion
  • Touch pad with blue leds
  • Barista area LED lighting
  • Stainless steel steam wands
  • Ergonomic filter-holder
  • Automatic boiler refill
  • Boiler drain tap located in the center of the drip tray
  • Quick and easy access to the machine for maintenance
  • Steam and water levers

Additional information

Dimensions58.5 × 79 × 45.1 cm
Boiler capacity

11L – 14 L


3000 W – 3800 W